Be a Supplier

TSEA relationship with suppliers is guided by the Integrated Management Policy where the following guideline has been established:

Work in partnership with our suppliers for continuous development in pursue of quality, better environmental performance and better occupational health and safety.

In addition to company Conduct Standard, where the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and respect the environment;
  2. Offer equal opportunities to suppliers (including potential suppliers) when doing business with company;
  3. Establish good partnerships with suppliers based on understanding and mutual trust.

TSEA Executives and Employees must follow the Norms of Conduct below:

  1. Give priority to suppliers that meet the following requirements:
    – Comply with laws and regulations, respect the environment and have good technical skills;
    – Have stable supply and flexibility to handle offer and demand fluctuations and safe management;
    – Have suitable quality, price and delivery terms for goods, products and services;
  2. Before acquiring the necessary goods and services, conduct a broad and fair assessment based on the
    standards described below:
    – Respect towards the environment – Good quality, and reasonable and economically rational prices;
    – Compliance with delivery terms and stable sourcing.
  3. Refrain from receiving any personal advantage from suppliers as to corporate procurement; comply, in
    good faith, with supplier contract obligations, ensuring that business is fully aligned with ethical principles
    and best commercial practices, as well as applicable laws and regulations protecting suppliers;
  4. Never use illegal means to obtain confidential information from suppliers or third parties during
    procurement activities and avoid disclosing information that is proprietary to TSEA suppliers and
    third parties without prior authorization;
  5. Ensure all acquisitions are authorized by the competent departments of procurement, acquisition or

Please find more information on how to apply now that your company is familiarized with our supplier guidelines:
TSEA has an electronic auditing process. To apply, fill in the fields below and send us your information.
Data will be reviewed by our Procurement Department and we will get back to you. We may also request further information.
For clarifications, write to:

General rules for supply – PDF – 2.708kB