Policies and Certifications

TSAL - Contagem and Betim

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety

Toshiba América do Sul Ltda. – Transformers Division is committed to serve the needs of customers, shareholders, workers, partners and the society, by continuously improving its performance in the Transformer manufacturing and service provision.

To ensure the principles above, we have created the following guidelines:

  1. Be a competitive and profitable company, meeting the needs and expectations of customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders, and fulfilling legal and other applicable requirements;
  2. Continuously improve Integrated Management System effectiveness, increasing product and service quality, reducing environmental impacts, and preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases;
  3. Perform activities by managing occupational health and safety risks, including chemical, physical, ergonomic and mechanical hazards, with emphasis on tasks involving electricity, overhead work, machinery, equipment and installations;
  4. Effectively use power and natural resources, manage industrial waste, and encourage reduced consumption, reuse, material recycling , guaranteeing the protection of the environment and pollution prevention;
  5. Respect workers for their human and professional growth, and respect the community with social and environmental responsibility;
  6. Work in partnership with our suppliers for continuous development in pursue of quality, better environmental performance and better occupational health and safety.
  7. Develop and implement new product and process technologies.

TSAL - Curitiba and São Paulo

Integrated Policy Curitiba Site, São Paulo and Projects

Toshiba América do Sul Ltda. – Curitiba subsidiary, as member of Toshiba Corporation Group, is committed to sustainable growth and operational profit, and contributes to improving quality of life and social development through innovation, by offering systems, products and services to the electrical sector based on excellence.

Its activities are focused on customer needs, management practices and responsible performance, based on:

  1. The commitment to comply with the legislation and other applicable requirements;
  2. Increased knowledge, competences and skills from our internal talents;
  3. Reduced environmental impacts, and pollution, accident, and disease prevention;
  4. The continuous improvement of quality management, environment, and occupational health and safety systems.