Privacy Policy

The Online Privacy Policy is designed to demonstrate TSEA’s commitment to the security and privacy of information collected from users of our products and services. The temporary verification of this policy is recommended, which is subject to possible changes.

You can visit our website and know the products and services we offer, check career opportunities, read reports, get information and news, without giving us any information about yourself. If you provide any information, this document seeks to clarify how TSEA collects and handles your individual information.

  1. Any information that our associates pass on to us will be collected and stored according to strict security and confidentiality standards.
  2. All information collected from users travels securely, using standard Internet encryption process.
  3. Personal information passed on to us by users will be collected by ethical and legal means, may have one or more purposes, about which our users will be informed.
  4. Users will be informed of what information we will be collecting before the time of collection, being the option to choose whether or not to provide this information under the responsibility of the user, who will also be aware of the consequences of their decision.
  5. Unless we have legal or judicial determination, your information will never be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which they were collected.
  6. Access to information collected is restricted only to authorized employees for the proper use of this information. Employees who misuse this information, violating our Privacy Policy, will be subject to the penalties of our disciplinary process.
  7. We will keep the information provided to us intact.
  8. Our site contains links to other external websites whose content and privacy policies are not the responsibility of TSEA. We do not have access to the information collected by “cookies” (small file placed on your computer to track movements within the websites) present in the sites directed by these links.
  9. Whenever other organizations are contracted to provide support services, compliance with our privacy standards will be required.
  10. For administrative purposes, we may use “cookies”, and the user may at any time activate in their browser mechanisms to inform you when they are activated or to prevent them from being triggered.
  11. Our channels are available to our users to contact us, to answer any questions, by means of customer service.